Local anglers are in fine form at Hallcroft fishery

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By Retford Times | Thursday, November 29, 2012, 07:00

WE open the action at the Daiwa Hallcroft fishery where local area match anglers have been in fine form at this Retford complex over the past week.

Retford's Dave Boswell continued his winning ways at the venue with a fine victory on the latest Saturday open match on Moat Pool, weighing in 38lb 6oz of carp.

Meanwhile over on the Canal Pool, Tuxford angler Graham Westwater set a new record here with a majestic return of 193lb 5oz on the Sunday open match.

Finally on the over 50's front Dave Farr of New Ollerton led the latest Monday veterans match on Bridge Pool with 52lb 4oz of carp.

All the match results and details are as follows.

Monday on Bridge Pool – Eight sizable carp to 10lb won this latest veterans match for Dave Farr from New Ollerton, beating the 14 field with a total weight of 52lb 4oz.

Dave clinched in at unfancied peg 39 on the outer bank where corn bait accounted for his fish, catching firstly on the leger then later short on a 6 metre pole line.

Result. 1) D.Farr (New Ollerton) 52lb 4oz, 2) J.Wooff (Mansfield) 27lb 12oz, 3) K.Pacey (Gainsborough) 21lb 11oz, 4) N.Wood (Hallcroft ) 18lb 7oz.

Thursday on Bridge Pool – Mansfield's Roger Holmes has been a consistent performer on the Hallcroft veterans matches and he won this latest event with a return of 38lb 14oz.

In a tight finish Roger edged it at island peg 24 with a mix of skimmers and six carp up to 7lb, catching all his fish which beat the 22 field on pole and pellet bait.

Result. 1) R.Holmes (Mansfield) 38lb 14oz, 2) S.Twigg (Chesterfield) 37lb 4oz, 3) T. Brown (Chesterfield) 29lb 10oz, 4) G.Hammond (Retford) 23lb 4oz.

Saturday on Moat Pool – This event, which attracted a field of 18 anglers, was a carp and silverfish match with prize money split equally in two sections.

Winning the carp contest was Dave Boswell of Retford with a return of 38lb 6oz from peg 43 on the island, his five fish to 15lb falling to legered hair-rigged pellet.

Leading the silverfish section was Andy Oldham at island peg 50 with 16lb 3oz, a catch made up mainly by roach and perch on pole and bloodworm.

Sunday on Canal Pool and Croft Pool – The inform Canal Pool dominated this match with two excellent weights of over 100lb, one being a record return for the water.

The man who set the new mark was Tuxford ace Graham Westwater, weighing in a fine 193lb 5oz of small carp to 3lb at peg 12 on pole and pellet and corn baits.

Result: 1) G.Westwater (Tuxford) 193lb 5oz, 2) T.Brown (Chesterfield) 123lb 3oz, 3) J. Barningham (Hallcroft) 81lb 1oz, 4) D.Wilde (Chesterfield) 76lb 8oz.

Sunday on Moat Pool & Bridge Pool – This was Round 3 of the Daiwa Hallcroft Teams of Four Silverfish League where Worksop's Steve Shepherd took the individual honours with a return of 19lb 10oz.

Steve beat the 32 field at peg 26 on the Bridge Pool outer bank where pole and maggot, then later pellet bait, attracted an all skimmer bream catch to 3lb.

In the overall league placings its Maver Select at the top with 31 points. Halkon Hunt are second with 34 points followed by Hallcroft Select on 41.

Result. 1) S.Shepherd (Worksop) 19lb 10oz, 2) L.Hardwick (Bandits) 16lb 6oz, 3) G. Mumby (Maver Select) 14lb 12oz, 4) A.Kinder (Maver Marukyu) 13lb 12oz.


Packet Inn Angling Society (ex-Newcastle Arms) staged a sweepstake match on the Canal Lake at the Daiwa Hallcroft Fishery in Retford last Saturday.

It proved a high scoring match, particularly for Mark Cordall, who romped to victory with a splendid return of 101lb 14oz.

Mark's fine three figure haul of small size carp up to 2lb came off peg three where he fished tight up against the far bank with pole and maggot bait.

Stephen Cook was second with 69lb 4oz from peg 12 while Wayne Mercroft made third spot his at peg 2 with 54lb 14oz, both catches again made up by carp to 2lb.


Sherwood Forest Fishery

We open at this Edwinstowe venue with Tuesday's match on the Sherwood Lake where Worksop man Mick Burrell led the 11 field here with a return of 25lb 10oz.

Mick's catch on pole and maggot at peg 22 contained roach, skimmers and perch, just enough to beat off Mansfielder John Holmes who had 17lb 15oz of skimmers at peg 18.

Moving to Holmedale Lake and Wednesday's match here was won by fishery co-owner Mick Langton, beating the 19 field with 55lb 3oz of carp.

Eighteen fish to 5lb clinched it for Mick at peg 36 where he caught firstly on swimfeeder and meat to the island then later shorter at 11 metres on pole and pellet bait.

Runner-up was Andy Lakey of Worksop who alternated pole and pellet bait at 11 and 13 metres out at peg 14 for twenty two carp to 4lb, giving him a total of 43lb 11oz.

Still with Holmedale Lake and it was in form man Andy Lakey who led Sunday's match here with 63lb 4oz of carp from the same spot as Wednesday's winner – peg 36.

The Worksop angler fished pellet bait both on the swimfeeder to the island and nine metres out on the pole to beat the 23 field with fifteen carp to 8lb.

Result. 1) A.Lakey (Worksop) 63lb 4oz, 2) J.Woodland (Mansfield) 40lb 12oz, 3) P. Ellis (Hucknall) 35lb 8oz, 4) R.Harris (Kiveton) 35lb 4oz.

Riverside Fishery

The latest match winners in a tough week at this Scrooby fishery are as follows.

Tuesday – Four carp on swimfeeder and maggot bait from peg 38 totalling 20lb 2oz won this match for Bryan Crowder of Sheffield.

Wednesday – Blyth angler John English secured an easy win here with 38lb 10oz from peg 32, landing five carp and three skimmer bream on the method feeder and maggot.

Friday – A tough contest with just two carp for 9lb 6oz enough to win the day for Sheffielder Bryan Crowder at peg 32 where he fished the swimfeeder and corn.

Saturday – This match in the dull and foggy conditions went to Andrew Hunt of Bawtry, his catch of three carp weighing 19lb 14oz on pole and maggot coming off peg 27.

Wetlands Animal Park

Match weights at this Sutton cum Lound fishery are certainly in to winter mode, the latest results being as follows.

Saturday – 1) Phil Moore (Worksop) 20lb 4oz (peg 4), 2) Paul Burns (Doncaster) 18lb 0oz (peg 3), 3) Dave Haigh (Worksop) 17lb 0oz (peg 12). Attendance 7. (Rover match).

Sunday – 1) John Wragg (Sheffield) 26lb 8oz (peg 3), 2) Michael Allen (Worksop) 24lb 0oz (peg 28), 3) Sid Whitehouse (Sheffield) 15lb 10oz (peg 4). Attendance 11.

Monday – 1) Cyril Martin (Harworth) 41lb 2oz (peg 29), 2) Richard Paterson (Mansfield) 29lb 8oz (peg 30), 3) Dave Annable (Worksop) 28lb 0oz (peg 27). Attendance 13.

Wednesday – 1) Sid Whitehouse (Sheffield) 38lb 0oz (peg 24), 2) Eddie Buxton (Chesterfield) 30lb 0oz (peg 12), 3) Ian Tomlinson (Worksop) 28lb 4oz (peg 7). Attendance 17.

Friday – 1) Ian Tomlinson (Worksop) 37lb 0oz (peg 4), 2) Sam Cooper (Retford) 30lb 12oz (peg 1), 3) Phil Moore (Worksop) 28lb 0oz (peg 27). Attendance 16.

Little John Lakes

The latest match results from this Ollerton fishery are as follows.

Tuesday – This match was split between Robin Hood Lake and Maid Marian Lake where in the windy conditions Geoff Bennett battled to the top with a winning 36lb 11oz.

The Mansfield ace clinched it at peg 1 on Maid Marian Lake with 12 carp to 4lb, taking two early fish on pole and pellet and the rest on legered corn.

2) Colin Spencer (Nottingham) 24lb 2oz, 3) Steve Beard (Little John Lakes) 18lb 11oz.

Thursday – The carp in Robin Hood Lake responded well on this match as Mark Crewe of Mansfield won a close and keen contest with a return of 61lb 6oz.

Peg 23 is where Mark clinched victory with fish up to 5lb, catching on pole and pellet bait towards the island at 12 and 16 metres out.

2) Steve Keyworth (Rainworth) 60lb 0oz, 3) Geoff Bennett (Mansfield) 57lb 4oz.

Friday – This latest veterans match attracted another good field of 20 anglers and was held on both Maid Marian Lake and Friar Tuck Lake with prize money split between the two.

Winning the Maid Marian Lake match at peg 26 was Geoff Bennett of Mansfield with a fine 84lb 2oz of carp, taking fish to 4lb on legered corn. 2) Neil Campian (Nottingham) 47lb 4oz.

Top man on Friar Tuck Lake was Lincoln's Brian Butler with 22lb 2oz of barbel, carp and ide, all falling to pole and caster bait at peg 17. 2) John Siddons (Worksop) 17lb 2oz.

Oak Tree Fishery

Everybody anticipated a hard struggle on the latest Saturday open match at this Misterton fishery with frost, fog and a flat calm lake not offering the best of conditions.

However, the nature of fishing regularly throws up the unexpected and Bawtry angler Tony Lees led a string of very respectable weights with 37lb 5oz.

Tony was at peg nine and netted fourteen carp to 4lb on pole and pellet, his last fish of about 3lb which came in the final minute pushing him past the winning post by a whisker.

For tied in second spot were Retford's Darren Godley at peg 8 and Matthew Barlow from

Misterton on peg 14, both weighing in 36lb 4oz of carp on pole and pellet bait.

Result. 1) T.Lees (Bawtry) 37lb 5oz, 2) D.Godley (Retford) & M.Barlow (Misterton) both 36lb 4oz, 4) I.Symonds (Ranskill) 34lb 15oz, 5) K.Hall (Retford) 24lb 13oz, 6) M.Brumby (Gainsborough) 22lb 1oz.

Lodge Farm Fishery

The latest match results from this Scrooby Top complex are as follows.

TUESDAY – This match on Signal Pond resulted in a tie with Gary Bingham at peg 20 and Chris Smith on peg 8 both recording carp catches of exactly 50lb. Third was Dave Thompson with 43lb 5oz off peg 2.

WEDNESDAY – Lily Pond housed this Over 50's match where Eric Fox won a low scoring contest with 26lb 12oz at peg 53. 2) Len Squire 22lb 13oz (peg 68), 3) Dave Chinn 19lb 7oz (peg 51).

THURSDAY – Nigel Shipman led this high scoring match on the inform Field Pond with a return of exactly 100lb, his carp catch falling at peg 4. 2) Dave Evans 77lb 13oz (peg 12), 3) Craig Crosby 72lb 0oz (peg 6).

SATURDAY – Field Pond was the setting for this match and again the venue fished well as Mick Whitham led the way with a fine 113lb 1oz of carp, catching his fish at peg 2. 2) Paul Blanksby 95lb 13oz (peg 34), 3) John Wilson 66lb 6oz (peg 35).

Lakeside Fishery

The latest match results at this Ranskill fishery, all from the main lake, are as follows.

Wednesday Open – 1) Glen Greasley 39lb 6oz. All ide apart from one 5lb carp on pole and caster bait at peg 10. 2) Gary Holland 35lb 1oz (peg 4), 3) Alan Topham 29lb 10oz (peg 28), Attendance 18.

Lakeside Teams of Four (Round 1) – 1) Ben Holmes 27lb 11oz. All skimmer catch at peg 27 on pole and maggot. 2) Gary Brookes 16lb 11oz (peg 12), 3) Danny Challinor 16lb 6oz (peg 21),

Woodseats Angling Centre – 1) Mark Holmes 27lb 4oz. Ide and skimmer catch at peg 32 on pole and maggot. 2) Mark White 21lb 1oz (peg 26), 3) Dave Caton 19lb 5oz (peg 39).

On the specimen carp lake midweek visitor Adam Rose of Sheffield reported four fish at peg two, his best on cell boilies being a common carp of 23lb 8oz.

Meanwhile on the trout lake on Tuesday Doncaster man Marcus Armstrong netted a total of 13 rainbows to 8lb, catching on both segmented bloodworm and orange fritz.



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